Am I sad or depressed? Part Two.

«Am I depressed or just sad?» «Is depressed the same thing as sad?» «How do I know if I have depression?»

If you have tried to Google these past three questions, then this episode is for you. Depression and «normal sadness» can be very similar in plain sight, however, when you observe them closely, you will notice that the differences can be huge.

Depression is characterized by continuous feelings of sadness, hopelessness, irritability, having no motivation or interest in things, constantly not feeling in the mood to do things we used to love, difficulty making decisions, and not being able to perform tasks that we usually do on or daily basis.

These symptoms are not necessarily limited only to being psychological but, depression can also manifest physical symptoms such as moving or speaking more slowly than usual, changes in appetite and even weight, unexplained aches, and pains, and lack of energy, in women the menstrual cycle could change, insomnia.

But the thing is, that some symptoms of depression can also be present when it comes to «normal sadness». So how can we differentiate them?

In this episode, Dr. Carmen will walk us through the differences between depression and sadness, how depression affects your brain and body, and what kind of treatments are available to help you or any of your loved ones to recover.

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