How can I Reduce Anxiety?

In prior episodes like “Identify Your Anxiety” and “Do I have Anxiety?”, we have talked more in-depth about what anxiety is, and I recommend you go check them out after listening to this episode if you want to complete the information you will receive today, however, in this episode, we’ll be talking not only about what anxiety is but also how to reduce it.

We can define anxiety as difficulty to breathe, accompanied by feelings of discomfort and fear of losing control, be it in your personal or professional life.

Anxiety is a stress-related disorder, and even though some levels of stress are a normal response from our body to frightful or shocking situations when you start experiencing continuous stress symptoms in your everyday life which hinder your activities and tasks, then it is the right moment to start considering having anxiety.

Now that you have this definition in your head, I’m sure you could think of a few very stressful situations that could lead to experiencing anxiety.

Anxiety can be caused by multiple reasons, and many factors can contribute to it, making it worse over time. However, there are many ways you can reduce the effects that anxiety can have both on your body and mind, and sometimes, it can be even simpler than you may think.

*We recommend checking out our episodes “How do you Calm Anxiety?” and “Will my Anxiety Ever go Away?” if you would like to get some answers to the most common questions regarding anxiety.

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