How to Save a Relationship

Do you feel as if you are losing the grip on your relationship? As strong as a relationship can be, there will always be some hardships that we will face throughout our romantic life. And when those times come, it’s important to understand that not all is lost, in fact, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve or even save a relationship as long as this goal is shared by the participants.

And although there are many things to do to achieve this goal, in the heat of the situation, not many people know exactly what to do. This is why we have decided to create this episode, filled with information that will help you out when you feel like your relationship has run into a bump.

In this special episode, Dr. Carmen, and her husband Vince, talk about the small things and actions that can save your relationship when you need it the most, they talk about what science and Dr. Carmen’s experience with couples therapy say about the steps couples should follow to maintain a harmonious, happy and loving life.

Of course, like with many things in life, all kind of relationships need some effort, attention and kindness to thrive, so when trying out the recommendations that we bring you today, remember to be compassionate with one another and to keep in mind the end goal of the process.

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