What to do when love fades away.

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How to know when love fades away in your marriage?

How do you know when it is time to stay or leave a romantic relationship?

Today we will talk about the fear of uncertainty and how to deal with your emotional pain when love is fading away in your relationship. And of course, I will give you some tips at the end of this episode to either reconnect in your relationship or recover from the emotional pain of separation. 

This is not to be confused with the daily hustle and bustle, especially when you have small children, with the numbness that brings high levels of stress or emotional detachment due to previous trauma.

You may not hear or see the signs of love fading away because you are afraid of changing what is known, afraid of entering a new phase of your life, or the social, financial, and emotional changes that a separation brings. Nothing is more painful than a divorce, and yet, we pay little attention to what it takes to prevent it. 

If you are no longer in love with your partner, you may still care for them and wish them no harm. I have worked with couples who are in the process of divorce and care deeply for each other’s well-being even if they are angry. They just may not know how to express their feelings properly. 

«Why would my love fade away?» You may ask. Well, today I’ll be giving you the answer to this question, and we talk in depth about what to do if the love in your relationship ends, how to recover it, and in the opposite case, how to heal from a separation.