We are celebrating 7 years! Anniversary Episode

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At Emotions in Harmony, we are incredibly excited and want to share with you a very special moment: we are celebrating the seventh anniversary of our podcast. It's beautiful to look back and remember how we started this journey. Boy, have we grown together over these years!

We want to express our deepest gratitude for being with us on this journey that we continue walking together. Your trust and participation have been essential for our growth and evolution. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide valuable information about mental health and emotional well-being; thanks to you and the entire community we have been able to reach more and more people.

Initially we focused solely on mental health topics in English, then we founded the non-profit organization "Emotions in Harmony". Shortly after, in response to your requests, we decided to cater to Spanish-speaking audiences as well with "Armonía Emocional". Thank you for inspiring this change and for being part of our evolution!

Today, thanks to your unwavering support, we have expanded and are offering new opportunities, including the Luxury and Premium Memberships (currently in Spanish). This allows exclusive access to specialized content and live sessions with professionals, currently with discounts of up to 15% specially designed for you as our loyal followers.

We want to continue growing, improving, and adapting to your needs. That's why we invite you to participate in our survey. Your opinion is vital to ensure we provide you with the highest quality, relevant content. At the end of the notes, you can find the survey link.

Additionally, I want to share with you which audios and videos are the most popular and most viewed. I encourage you to explore them and discover new ideas and tools that can be useful for you. They are popular for a reason, so if you haven't seen them yet, perhaps it's worth checking them out as they surely have something to offer. We've included the links below for you.

Thank you once again for being part of this beautiful family. I'm excited for everything that's to come and to continue growing together on this journey of emotional well-being. Sending you a warm hug! 

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Dr. Roman is a caring listener with 25+ years of experience in providing psychotherapy, in Mexico since 1998 and recently licensed in California. With her bilingual and bicultural ability, she brings to Emotions in Harmony, Inc a combination of both cultures and both worlds of psychology and spirituality. Dr. Carmen has been a CEO for a group practice In Mexico and faculty member of different graduate psychology programs in Mexico and USA.

She has two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Psychology, which she carries while being proud of her humble indigenous origin, where wisdom comes from prayer and inner connection. With her passion and specialization in creative expression, she intends to bring the latest Psychology and folk wisdom delivered for easy consumption. She believes in the magic that happens when our spirit is carefully cultivated and when we feel in harmony with ourselves and others.