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When given high-quality mental health services and information, 

people tend to commit fewer suicides, tolerate less abuse, 

and overcome their trauma to live more productive lives.

When given high quality mental health services and information, people tend to commit fewer suicides, tolerate less abuse, and overcome their trauma to live more productive lives. However, many would never be able to pay for psychological treatment in the Bay Area. With your help, many families will find hope, harmony and even happiness in particular in this crisis due to COVID-19.

During the three years we have been creating content for our immigrant families, we have learned that the same emotional pain applies to every immigrant and every family in the world. We are ready to show our audience that we care for their well-being and we are ready to be with them in their everyday challenges. 


What do we do?

We work on eliminating mental health disparities for Spanish and bilingual immigrants by offering psychological services such as psychoeducation, individual and couples therapy, family psychotherapy, and group therapy. We provide 1,000 direct service hours per year. We also provide support groups free of charge or for very low cost during COVID-19.

Additionally, we offer psychoeducation via podcasts and live videos. On average we have 35,000 downloads/views monthly with listeners in 88 countries. Our ability to reach various countries has been especially handy, given mental health has been compromised worldwide.

Our Audience in Numbers

Info as of December 2023

Average of the last 6 months

Total number

English podcast: 
Emotions in Harmony 



Spanish podcasts NEW 
(Armonia Emocional and Inspirame)



 Armonía Emocional YouTube Channel

Emotions in Harmony Youtube Channel

64,999 video views

+474 subscribers

1,933,869 video views

45,750 subscribers

162 subcribers

Pinterest (Spanish)

*We started in March
2020 with 538.

27,331 post views

137,120 total impressions

Insight Timer profile 
(meditations mainly in Spanish)

1,347 plays in 30 days

133,708 reproductions

2,487 Total subcribers

Facebook page
Dr. Carmen Roman (mainly Spanish) 

800 video views

110,000 video views

Course: Simple Steps
for Managing Anxiety 

95 New followers

last three months

1,284 Spanish Students 

3,769 English Students

 Web Traffic 2019-2022

138.803 new visits

842.884 web visits 

 Total reach as of Dec 2023 


2,873,988 Downloads/views

Countries they live in




Let's eliminate mental health services disparities together!



Spanish speaking and bilingual low-income immigrants will receive psycho-education and psychological services. People with trauma, anxiety, depression, etc. will have access to services on campus (when permitted) and/or psychotherapy and psycho-education or via telehealth on mobile devices.


We provide about 1000 hours of direct psychological services yearly. We serve Santa Clara County and parts of San Mateo and South Monterey Counties. Mainly Mountain View, Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Redwood City, and San Jose.

About 10,000 people listen to our content monthly in 81 countries. (35,000 downloads/views, see table above). 


Using modern technology, we bring mental health options to people’s fingertips. Locally, we offer high-quality psychotherapy and psychoeducation in Spanish in an environment where services in Spanish are limited or non-existent.

5A Scale: If successful, what will your project achieve in 5 years?

We will be able to provide psychological services and free psychological information for many more Spanish speakers and immigrants who are in need and cannot afford proper care. We will have a group of licensed clinicians creating content.


Have you identified the right team and plan for execution?

Yes, our part-time team could be full time if we have the budget. Helpful additions to the team include a Spanish speaking psychologist and a part-time bilingual expert to manage our google ads. Currently, we have 12 people between staff and volunteers. 


How is your idea equitably impacting opportunities for healthy, playful, and thriving lives?

Empowerment and personal growth to undocumented, low-income, or under-served Spanish speaking and bilingual families spark harmony. In the future,  granting scholarships to other psychologists to become content creators would motivate them to share psychological information.


1600 The Alameda, Suite 104, San José, CA. 95126 USA. / (650) 223 59 80 /  info@emotionsinharmony.org

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