• How to generate a feeling of gratitude?

    Can you learn how to be grateful? The answer is yes, and it’s even easier than you think. Being grateful with what we have and for the people that surround […]

  • Near-death experiences: Emotional and spiritual consequences.

    We can often stumble upon a TV show or movie where the characters have a fairly close experience to death, and images of how they meet with deceased relatives start […]

  • Psychological benefits of creating beauty around us

    Have you ever thought about the effects of having a disorganized house? Or if the colors of your walls affect your capacity for relaxation and sleep? Having a house with […]

  • How to say NO

    Have you ever been asked to do something you don’t want to, and yet you have accepted? Saying «No» to situations where you do not want to participate or don’t […]

  • Do you hurt or love yourself?

    Do you love or hurt yourself? Sometimes it’s harder to say «I love myself» than pointing to all the flaws we have and remind ourselves of how bad things are […]

  • Why  can’t I feel love?

    Why  can’t I feel love? – Involuntary emotional detachment «Why can’t I feel love, or any other positive emotion?» This question is often asked and generates embarrassment in some people. […]

  • Reflections of the past season with Dr. Carmen

    Summertime is finally here and it’s time to take a break from our daily duties while connecting with our friends and family or even with ourselves. But before we go […]

  • Listening to your body

    To awake our self-healing power it’s necessary to pay attention to our body This meditation may work as a preventive medicine. It help us to understand what is happening and […]

  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

    Being highly displeased by the sounds that are around us, or feeling attacked by our environment is not a crazy thing, it’s actually more normal than what you think. 20% […]

  • Sexist Microaggressions that women face. A conversation with Dr. Natalie Jones

    Sexist microaggressions are those acts of sexual nature that does not includes rape but are still not consented by one of the persons. This kind of behaviors are not easily […]

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