• Self-advocating in a relationship

    FB Live video in Spanish: https://www.facebook.com/DraCarmenRoman/videos/1324437881036380/ FB live video in English: https://www.facebook.com/DraCarmenRoman/videos/1325071610973007/ Podcast episode in Spanish https://emotionsinharmony.com/abogar-por-si-mism-en-una-relacion/   Is self-advocating a healing mechanism? If you ever wonder how to communicate […]

  • Emotional eating

    To see this in video: https://www.facebook.com/DraCarmenRoman/videos/1320125211467647/ To see this in Spanish video https://www.facebook.com/DraCarmenRoman/videos/1317903735023128/ Spanish audio: https://emotionsinharmony.com/alimentacion-emocional-audio/ Can emotions be positively managed with food? In this episode of Emotions in Harmony, […]

  • Let go and recover your power

    In this episode Dr. Roman will help you understand how to let go of past experiences that you may carry with you. You will learn what it means to let […]

  • Hosting the Grinch in your heart

    In this episode of Emotions in Harmony, Dr. Carmen Román expresses certain points of view about all those who, for different reasons, do not enjoy Christmas. The different motivations that […]

  • Shamanism and Psychology: An interview to Dr. Carmen Roman

    In this episode, Dr. Laura Reagan interviews Dr. Carmen Roman. She asked her about her training experiences. In addition, they discovered how these life-changing facts helped her to succeed in […]

  • Travel as a couple: Emotional Aspects

    Learn some secrets to improve a couple travel experience with Dr. Dana Nelson. She is an American psychologist and psychotherapist (licensed in the state of Pennsylvania). She is originally from […]

  • Recovering from deep emotional trauma. An interview with Laura Reagan, LCSW-C

    Laura Reagan, LCSW-C explains how to approach this issue from different perspectives as one can be the victim of a trauma or have a loved one who needs to overcome […]

  • Critical questions about divorce

    Marriage is one of the most important parts on the road of life along with its branches. An individual alone is already complicated and it’s natural that two people who […]

  • Interracial couples: Wedding and life planning

    This episode gives you a great interview with Sandy from Brides and Events agency. She as a wedding planner gives you advices about planning this kind of events. We will […]

  • Children’s dreams: A well of wisdom

    This topic is very important to improve communication and the relationship with our children in general, because according to the results of Dr. Cindy Sauln’s research, there are many messages […]

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