• Understanding and healing infidelity

    Unhealthy communication, busy schedules, or just the need to explore new horizons are some conditions that may explain why your partner is unfaithful. Happy and unhappy couples can experience infidelity. […]

  • What your fears say about you?

    Fear is an emotion that every human being has felt. Physiological and normal reactions of fear include: increased heartbeat, sweaty hands, greater than normal energy load, insomnia, etc. In this […]

  • Gratitude message to our teen graduate!

    In this episode Dr. Carmen Roman talks to the teens who are graduating this year! She shares an inspiring and insightful message to those who graduated from elementary, middle or […]

  • How to choose a good therapist

    Doing the first phone call can be scary and overwhelming. In this episode, Dr. Steven Curley, interviewed by Dr. Carmen, will help you to prepare for this process of choosing […]

  • Ending your emotional battles

    In this episode, Carmen interviews Dr. Steven Curley. Dr. Steven is Carmen’s Aikido Sensei. He has been practicing Aikido for 19 years and teaching for 9. He appreciates that Aikido […]

  • Free your spirit!

    In this episode Dr. Carmen interviews Dr. D’vorah Grenn. Dr. D’vorah served as a Chair and Executive Co Faculty in the Women and Spirituality Masters Program at the Institute of […]

  • Dealing with negative emotions. Dr. Fabrice Nye

    In today’s episode, Dr. Carmen interviews Dr. Fabrice Nye, a therapist from Silicon Valley. Dr. Fabrice uses an interesting mix of transpersonal psychology, spirituality and cognitive behavioral therapy. He has […]

  • Cooking together

    Today’s topic is the super benefits of cooking as a couple. It’s very important to do when you are in a good place in your relationship. When you are happy […]

  • Welcome Message from Dr. Carmen Roman

    Carmen Roman is a psychotherapist with 25 years of experience working in both Mexico and 5+ years in California. She is known for her ability to create a safe place […]