• What Hypnosis is and How to Use It

    Do you think hypnosis only happens in movies? Hypnosis is a practice that can be used by psychologists in a professional environment with their clients, and yes, it does work. […]

  • When survivors of sexual abuse remain silent after years

    Have you ever wondered why some victims of sexual abuse keep silent? The worldwide percentage of people who have suffered sexual abuse is so high that you may know at […]

  • The 4 Books That Have Changed my Life

    Did you know that wellness and peace are available to all of us? Well in fact, they are! Today we’ll be talking about basic information that you can use to […]

  • Panic Attacks: Reflections and Suggestions

    Have you ever had a panic attack? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this episode was made for you! And even if you don’t suffer from this kind of attack, […]

  • Are You a Creative Immigrant?

    What does «art» means to you? Maybe when you think about this word, the first thing that comes to you head is a great renaissance painting, or a big stone […]

  • Identify Your Anxiety

    What happens when you have anxiety? People who suffer from an anxiety disorder have intense worries and excessive fears on a daily basis, this affects the way they work, how […]

  • Death, a Life’s Friend

    Can death be your friend, if you’re alive? During our life we like to think that death is something we will face late in our life and frequently we associate […]

  • 7 Solutions to Your Resolutions

    Did you promised yourself that this year you would fulfill your goals and be more active? If that was the same promise of the past years then maybe there’s a […]

  • Emotional Eating

    Do you eat when you’re nervous? Or maybe when you’re sad? Emotional eating is the term that it’s used to describe those moments when we eat because we think food […]

  • Hosting the Grinch in your Heart

    Christmas is a beautiful holiday full of love and happiness between friends and family. But, what happens when someone in our family does not enjoy the holidays? Or when one […]

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