• Get Better Sleep!

    Have you ever had to force yourself to go to sleep at night? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself lying in bed for […]

  • The Effects of Music on our Body

    Many people suffer from insomnia and/or difficulty sleeping, even more so when we can be subjected to stress, anxiety, or simply due to bad sleeping habits such as looking at […]

  • Overcoming our Insecurities

    The feeling of insecurity is usually a mix of uneasiness, fear, and nervousness that are triggered by multiple situations or thoughts that make us feel vulnerable or inferior to others.  […]

  • Letting go and Recovering Your Power

    Are you holding onto thoughts and past memories that are hurting you? The more you keep reliving those bad memories in your head and thinking about all the stuff you […]

  • The Turkey Dinner and Its Customs

    *IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving, please remember to be socially responsible and follow the health rules for this specific global situation. What is something you […]

  • Do I have Anxiety?

    Do you think you suffer from anxiety? Anxiety is a normal response of our body to a situation of danger or discomfort, in different cases, having anxiety is normal and […]

  • The Chilaquiles Adventure

    What new experiences will we encounter in the new outside world? This year has been filled with multiple situations that have changed the world as we used to know it, […]

  • Does my Anxiety Affect my Children?

    Are you scared you could transfer your anxiety to your children? Anxiety is rarely a genetic disorder, however, kids can and will copy the behavior that their parents present around […]

  • Go Dark and Come Back

    *WARNING*  The episode you are about to listen to is a delicate one, and it could cause you feelings of sadness and uncomfortableness.   How vulnerable should we be with […]

  • Adolescents: Understanding the limits of freedom

    Adolescence is a confusing but necessary period for our children to grown and adapt to the world. During these years, they start to try to get their own independence and […]

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