Emotional Freedom:

7 Day 

Challenge to Work on Your Anxiety from Home.

Get strategic and know your basic steps for

harmony in this difficult time.

    Do you live with Anxiety? 

    Discover what you can do about it and/or how to live with it harmoniously. All those steps from the comfort of your home. 

    Benefits of good Anxiety management

    Enhanced sleep quality

    Get more and better sleep, and adequate rest will help you stay focused during your daily activities.

    Live the fun side of life  

    Most situations something to take advantage of, so try to enjoy your environment and the people around you.

    Reduce your stress

    Go down to stress levels that are manageable for you.

    Stay alert

    Learn how to stay alert in situations that need your quick intervention and know when it's necessary to rest your body.

    Who is your Teacher?

    Dr. Carmen Roman

      Dr. Roman is a caring listener with 25+ years of experience in providing psychotherapy, in Mexico since 1998 and recently licensed in California. With her bilingual and bicultural ability, she brings a combination of both cultures and both worlds of psychology and spirituality to Emotions in Harmony, Inc.

      Dr. Carmen has been a CEO for a group practice In Mexico and faculty member of different graduate psychology programs in Mexico and USA. She has two Masters degrees and a Ph.D. in Psychology, while being proud of her humble indigenous origin where wisdom comes from prayer and inner connection.

      With her passion and specialization in creative expression, she intends to bring the latest in Psychology and folk wisdom delivered for easy consumption. She believes in the magic that happens when our spirit is carefully cultivated and when we feel in harmony with ourselves and others.

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    Because you deserve to have a happy and relaxing life in harmony.

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