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Learn how to

Manage Your


Learn the basic steps that will

help you manage your anxiety

levels with this easy course.

Benefits of Managing

Your Anxiety

Get a more restful sleep

Get more and better sleep, adequate rest will help you stay focused during your daily activities.

Live the fun side of life

Most situations have a fun or happy side to take advantage of, when your anxiety levels are low, it's easier to see and take them into consideration.

Low levels of stress

When your anxiety levels are low, it helps to keep your stress levels low, thus, helping you feel better both physically and mentally.

Earn to be less alert

Learn to be alert only in the situations in which a quick intervention is needed on your part and to rest when it is necessary for your body

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Meet your teacher

Dr. Carmen Román

Dr. Carmen is a licensed clinical psychologist in California and México with almost 30 years of experience.

She has specialized in anxiety, trauma, depression, and sexual abuse,

and she works primarily with couples and families.

Based on Gestalt therapy, she helps her clients live with awareness,

responsibility, and to assimilate their emotions and feelings in a healthier way.

She is also the president of the nonprofit 'Emotions in Harmony',

and host of the "Emotions in Harmony", "Armonia Emocional" and "Inspirame" podcasts.

Course curriculum

   Lesson 1

   Breathing techniques to decrease anxiety

   Lesson 2

   Learning to live in the present

   Lesson 3

   The relationship between anxiety and       insomnia

   Lesson 4

   Consequences of negative thoughts

   Lesson 5

   Could exercise be the alternative to meds?

   Lesson 6

   How Gratitude Helps Heal Anxiety

   Lesson 7

   Meditation, a tool to combat anxiety?

   Lesson 8

   The amygdala, a key element in improving     anxiety

   Lesson 9

   Preventing common mistakes

   Lesson 10

   Reflections to lead a fulfilling life


Priya Natu

August 12th, 2021

Amazing technique! Thank you 💙


March 7, 2020

Carmen, thank you very much for this exceptional course. I just started, but it has been excellent support for me. Your proposal, your structure in form and content is enchanting me. Your voice supports me a lot. Thanks again. Greetings!


August 16th, 2021

So great. Learned a lot. Reminded me of the importance of our emotions. Thank you!

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Frequently asked Questions

How can I enroll in this course?

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How is the course structured?

 The course consists of 10 lessons that will be released as you progress in your practice, you will have exercises and small tasks, along with the lessons, that will help you achieve your goals when using this course.

Where can I ask my questions about the content?

In each lesson, you'll have the opportunity to open the conversations tab, you will be able to ask questions there or leave your comments about the lesson. You can also email your questions to info@emotionsinharmony.org with the subject "Anxiety Course."

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