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I’m so happy we are colleagues in this beautiful career. Emotions in Harmony wants to offer you its extended library of free videos and podcast episodes. Topics are covered in both English and Spanish, by the same guest when possible or by our host Dr. Carmen Roman.

Emotions in Harmony is a revolutionary way to access immigrant families who otherwise may never learn from highly qualified mental health professionals.

Feel free to contact us with your suggestions and share ideas about topics that you need to have in this library to share with your clients. Or even better, if you are a licensed mental health professional and are willing to share your knowledge, please contact us with your information and suggested topics you could cover. We take the hard work of editing and publishing after the interview.

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Just because you are awesome, we want to give you this editable PDF about how to explain your fees to clients for immigration evaluations. And yes, they are in English and Spanish! Watch for your inbox to get your PDF.