que Sanan Project

   (Stories that heal) 

 Help us to Help  the families of Mountain View.


Groups and Psychotherapy for the Latinx community in Mountain View

Emotions in Harmony will host 10 Groups on virtual sessions - some once a week or some twice per month. All sessions will be held in Spanish, with a duration of 1.5 hours, and have a limit of 15  participants.
The total duration of the project will be a year.

Our Goals

The goal for this project is that participants have an emotionally safe space to share and shape their stories, using the psychoeducational tools given by the professionals to heal their emotional distress through their life story.

On the other hand, we wil also dedicate a part of the project funding into psychotherapy services, where our goal will be the betterment of the overall emotional life of the individual.

Participants of this project will receive services free of charge. 

Psychoeducational/Facilitation Groups  and Psychotherapy - “Stories that heal”

Pilot group (community leaders)

Two groups of 15 community members (already identified) will participate in a weekly group for 3 months, with the option to continue beyond the pilot program. 

Start date: May 2022

Two staff members, a clinical psychologist, and a psycho-educator, will facilitate all groups.

Estimated professional service hours for pilot: 66 ($33,000)

Phase 1B

Graduates of 1A groups will re-form to make three groups that meet twice a month for 6 months. 

Start date: January 2023.


Estimated professional service hours for second phase: 108 ($54,000)

Phase 1A

Five groups meeting twice a month, for 6 months.

Start date: July 2022 

Estimated professional service hours for first phase: 180 ($90,000)

Psychotherapy services

Self-selected individuals or suggested by the leaders that will receive individual psychotherapy sessions as needed.


Emotions in Harmony will prioritize victims of violence, the elderly, and LGBTQ+ populations.


Start date: May 2022. Estimated professional service hours: 200 ($50,000)








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