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What Others Are Saying

Great Resource

I have heard from more than one source about how useful Dr. Carmen's interviews are and think it is wonderful that she is getting the word out about psychology and making this info available to a wider audience.

Dr. Pederson

Carmen has lots of great advice on how to make sure we remain mentally healthy. This is often overlooked in our society, and so this is a much needed topic and she hosts in such an approachable manner!

Brian Mayer

I love this podcast!

Carmen is so knowledgeable and I'm grateful that she's able to share this podcast in English and Spanish. This is a great benefit to all of us!

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C

Great, interesting podcasts.

I am always looking forward for a new podcast of Dra. Carmen Roman. Great topics. Full of knowledge and easy to understand. Thank you.

Caty Flores

Dr. Carmen is so insightful!

I’ve known Carmen for a long time as a close family friend. She had helped me many times by offering a listening ear and king advice. She’s a great friend who really cares about her clients. I have no doubt that this podcast is going to help many men and women who want to be happier. Subscribe to her show. You won’t be disappointed!


Bilingual podcast at its best

Dra. Carmen produces a bilingual; podcast with the best topics.

Felix A. Montelara

Wonderful Resource

Dr. Carmen's podcast is a wonderful resource and is beautifully put together. I think it's really cool that she has a biligual podcast which focuses on issues within the Latino family. It's a mixture of positive and serious topics about the emotional health of the family. A great addition to anyone's podcast library.

Dr. Natalie Jones, PsyD, LPCC

Five stars! Great Podcast !!!

This is the most helpful podcast I have ever heard. Thanks for the content!!!!!

Lety y Ely

Great podcast!

Love the concept of this bilingual podcast and am really enjoying the topics so far! Looking forward to more from Dr.Roman!


Great podcast in any language

While I can only really follow the English episodes - and a little bit of the Spanish - I get a lot out of them. Dr. Roman clearly cares about each topic and wants to share her knowledge and experience. I like how the episodes can be both entertaining and educational, especially the one about cooking together. I also like the interviews and look forward to more soon! I've recommended this podcast to a number of friends already.

V in SJ

Easy way to understand difficult emotional topics

It is seldom when you find a mental health provider able to describe and understand human’s emotions of bicultural people. Dr. Roman is a well knowledge mental health provider able to do it in both languages (English & Spanish). She engages audiences with her daily interesting topics and teaches the importance of being present in one's life. I enjoy her broadcasts because it relates to my daily living activities.



Awesome concept! I know that she’s going to help a lot of parents and couples with this podcast. Thank you Carmen!

SF Mommy

Finally a truly Bilingual Podcast!

Great advice and the topics needed for today’s problems. Highly recommended!

Thank you Dra Roman for all you do!


Fantastic podcast!

As a mental health professional, I must say this is one of the best podcast I've ever listened to!

J from RWC

Great episode for grads

I just listened to the episode for recent graduates. It's very moving that she spoke directly to them about their experience.


Incredibly Useful

I love the fact that these topics are delivered with expertise and loveliness by Carmen. I really like that she cuts right to the core and helps me change my perspective on things that can sometimes leave me clueless. Keep making more please!


Informative Podcast

Dr. Carmen Roman has provided an engaging and informative podcast on various topics. It's also great that she's able to provide it in two languages. If you want to learn more about people or yourself, check out her podcast!


Warm, personable and very relatable

Dr. Carmen Roman makes things easy to understand and shares her perspective as well. Easy to listen to and very informative. A great resource as well!

Patricia Y LCSW

Great podcast to follow!


Highly Engaging and Informative!

I love Dr. Roman’s warm and insightful approach! This show is full of pearls of wisdom and every single show I learn something new about others and myself.

Naz Mo

Truly pertinent information

This podcast has been my companion in my morning commute. It's short, fun and pertinent. The questions Dr. Roman asks prompt insightful comments that have changed how I address daily situation at work.


Authentic & Educational

I love the fact that this podcast is bilingual and that Dr. Roman travels and always shared about her experiences in an educational format. I recommend watching the Facebook videos that accompany the topics. Thank you, Carmen!

Latinx Therapy

Near Death Experiences

Dr Carmen Roman does such a wonderful job talking about sensitive topics! Many people are afraid to talk about their near death experiences because they feel that they will not be believed. This podcast normalizes the subject and opens the door for more exploration and conversations.

C in Los Altos

Very practical and encouraging!

I have learned so much from these episodes about family relationships and being mindful!


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