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Psychotherapy is emotional training where we will review the reasons for your emotional or spiritual distress and how this is reflected in your physical health, family, work, and financial health.
Areas of attention: To heal: Stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, domestic abuse, pain, migratory stress, infidelity, self-esteem, self-defense, sexual abuse, eating dissorders, sleep or insomnia, couple problems, women's problems. To improve: Education to be better parents, encourage creativity or leadership, communicate with your partner.
Cost per session (50 min): $ 220

Couples Therapy

This is a psychological treatment dedicated to the couple's relationship and the emotional well-being of the two beings in the relationship. The therapy is appropriate for any stage of the relationship, from dating to a marriage of many years. Areas of attention: To heal: Behavioral problems, domestic abuse, migratory stress, infidelity, marital and premarital.  To improve: Coping skills, couple communication.
Cost per session (50 min): $ 250

Family Therapy

In family therapy we treat the family as a whole. We can have educational sessions where the family learns new communication skills or facilitate the healing of hurt relationships. Area of attention: To heal: Behavior problems, domestic abuse, family conflict, migratory stress, To improve: Raising children, coping skills.
Cost per session (50 min): $ 250

Group Therapy

These sessions are in groups of up to seven people, pre-selected. We have sessions once a week for one hour and a half. The topics are defined by the members in each session. If you are interested, ask for a 10 minute interview with Dr. Román to see if you could benefit from this service or if you are part of the group profile.
Cost: $ 200 per month.


The goal is to help you achieve your personal or work goals. You can talk about managing emotions, difficulties with your faith, or aspects of your persona in which you feel stuck. You can also learn to meditate.
Cost per session (50 min): $ 220

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