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If you are going through an immigration case and the attorney has recommended obtaining a psychological immigration report from a clinician, we understand your

concern and confusion, 

and we are here to help you.

What a psychological evaluation for immigration is?

A psychological evaluation for immigration is a detailed and well-written report made and signed by a professional in the psychological field that could potentially add outstanding

value to your immigration cases,
for you to be allowed to stay in the United States legally.

In Emotions in Harmony, our goal is to provide you with a safe space and a high-quality 5-6 page
report that will be directly sent to you and your attorney in the span of 4 weeks.


When you have been the victim of a crime and have a police report among other requirements, you qualify for the U visa.


For victims of domestic violence, or the abuse of children or the elderly, to obtain permanent resident status without the participation of an abusive spouse, parent or child.


It is the form you must present when for very specific reasons you cannot take the citizenship test. This applies when you have deep trauma or when you cannot learn.

I- 130

When you request immigration status for a relative.


They unofficially call it "the form of forgiveness". You use it when you want to ask for forgiveness for having entered the country without documents.


It is the protection and refuge offered to people fleeing from persecution or danger in their country of origin due to political, religious, ethnic, or other reasons.

This is what you get while working with us


Option 1

* In-person or virtual evaluations:  3 sessions $310.00 each ($930.00)

    Usually, 3 sessions are more than enough for the professionals to get the information they need from you.

* Writing the report: Equivalent to 4.5 sessions, $310.00 each. ($1,395.00).

* Report completion time: 7-15 business days. We will do our best to have it as soon as possible.

* Completed evaluation: A 5-6 page comprehensive psychological report.

The total cost for this service is usually between $2,325.00 and $2,635.00

Generally, $2,325.00 unless something unusual requires more time from the professionals. Our fee is $310.00 per 50-minute session. (No therapy, evaluation only).

A payment of $310.00 is required at the beginning of every session we meet. After that, the remaining balance should be paid before we submit the first draft of the report to you or your lawyer.

We will make reasonable changes the lawyer may ask for and give you the final, signed version. The report is given to you and can be sent directly to your lawyer if you want.

You will be required to show an ID for the first session and an ID to pick up the report. The whole process takes about 1 month to complete.

It can be done in a rush if We have space in our schedule. No extra cost for rush evaluations.


Option 2

* You will attend a minimum of: 4 therapy sessions (we suggest 10 -12 sessions when it comes to complex trauma). $280.00 per session, once a week.

Payment must be accredited 24 hours before each session we schedule.


* Documents: We will write (at no extra cost) a 1-page letter mentioning the time you have been in treatment, your diagnosis, and the elements that your lawyer should consider as appropriate.

The cost of this letter increases to $310.00 per hour only if your attorney requires a more in-depth letter. (This is just a letter, not a report).

If your attorney requests a report with exams, then, in addition to therapy, we will use option 1 above, and you only pay for your therapy without the extra page letter.

This process takes approximately 1 to 3 months, so you should discuss this with your attorney. Most attorneys prefer this option as they like to show that you attended therapy.

We suggest that you always consult with your lawyer first and permit us to be in contact with them.

Meet our Clinicians

Dr. Carmen Román,

Clinical Psychologist.

Dr. Roman is a caring listener with 29 years of experience in providing psychotherapy, in Mexico since 1998 and recently licensed in California. With her bilingual and bicultural ability, she brings to Emotions in Harmony, Inc a combination of both cultures and both worlds of psychology and spirituality. Dr. Carmen has been a CEO for a group practice In Mexico and faculty member of different graduate psychology programs in Mexico and USA.

She has two Masters degrees and a Ph.D. in Psychology, which she carries while being proud of her humble indigenous origin where wisdom comes from prayer and inner connection.

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