Psychological Evaluation for Inmigration

Immigration Evaluation Fee.

Option 1

My fee is $220.00 per 50 minute session. (No therapy,  evaluation only).

The total is usually somewhere between $1,320 and $1,540, 

generally $1,320 unless something unusual requires more time. 

This is what your work with me looks like: 

  • In-person evaluation time: 3 sessions ($660). Usually, 3 sessions is more than enough. 
  • Writing the report: Equivalent to 3 sessions. ($660) 
  • Report completion time: 7-15 business days: I will do my best to have it as early as possible
  • Document: 5-6 page comprehensive psychological report

A payment of $220 is required at the beginning of every session we meet. After that, the remaining balance should be paid before I submit the first draft of the report to you or your lawyer.

I will make reasonable changes the lawyer may ask and give you the final, signed version. The report is given to you and can be sent directly to your lawyer if you want. 

You will be required to show an ID for the first session and an ID to pick up the report. 

The whole process takes about 1 month to complete. It can be done in a rush if I have space in my schedule. No extra cost for rush evals. 


Option 2.

U-Visa: (possibly WAVA, depending on the case)

There is an option 2 -WITH THERAPY INCLUDED


You will attend a minimum of 4 weekly therapy sessions (I suggest 10-12 for complex trauma) at $220 per session. You pay at each session, no need to pay in advance.

I will write, free of charge, a 1 or 2 page letter mentioning the time you have been in treatment, your diagnosis, and the elements your lawyer may consider appropriate. It will cost an extra $220 for the letter if your lawyer wants a more in-depth write-up. This is not a report and does not include testing. 

If your lawyer asks for a comprehensive evaluation I will add the extra cost per hour.  (usually $220-$440 more)

This process takes between 1 and 3 months, so talk to your lawyer about it. 


I hope this helps. 

Dr. Carmen Román. PSY 28460 CA

501 Stockton Avenue, San Jose, CA, USA

(650) 223 5980