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Alejandra U. Díaz / Social Media Coordinator

Alejandra is a young entrepreneur who has been specializing in the management of social networks, web pages, digital design, and content creation for various forms of media for 5 years.
When she is not developing content and images she devotes herself to reading and makeup, she feels happy to be part of this great team and to share all her creative qualities.

Dayle Díaz / Community Manager

Dayle is a specialist in Human Resource with 12 years of experience, holding various positions in national and transnational companies in her native country Venezuela. She discovered the potential of the help she has to offer by dealing daily with grassroots workers, always the most neglected.
A lover of the arts in general, especially plastic arts, applied and graphic, she has combined his life between these two worlds.
Today she feels totally pleased to support and be part of this beautiful organization.

Yessenia G. Roman / Virtual Assistent

Yessenia is a young lady with sincere affection for the cafe life. From Jalisco, Mexico, she collaborates in Emotions in Harmony with the firm belief that in the most difficult moments exist to inspire our world and our humanity. Follow her work paragraph by paragraph in the production of Emotions in Harmony.

Luis Fernando Navas / Podcast Editor

Luis is a Music Producer, Sound and Mastering Engineer, and Podcast and radio editor with 7 years of experience in dance music production. He began his studies in Netherlands where he studied production at the Herman Brood Academy. He then received a job offer at DCC Studios where he honed his production, editing and mastering skills. He then continued to evolve and worked as a Ghost Producer for several Dutch artists.
Nowadays, Luis works and collaborates on different Podcast around the world, such as Emotions in Harmony with Dr. Carmen Roman. He has also worked on WP-Tonic Show and Mail-Right Show next to Jonathan Denwood and John Locke, among many others. He also offers music services on different platforms, in which he has achieved a great reputation in a very short time, earning the trust and appreciation of many customers.